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Charm Modern Thai Closes it’s Doors

15 Nov

One of my favorite places to get panang curry has closed! I didn’t even get to say goodbye! Owner Desmond Chen, announced today that Charm Modern Thai has been sold. The restaurant’s last day of service was Sunday November 13, 2011.  The new owners take over on November 16 and the room will reopen on a later date with a totally different concept.

“It’s hard to believe that it was only three years ago that I opened CHARM Modern Thai,” said Desmond Chen.  “Although located on a notoriously difficult stretch of Hamilton Street, we developed a loyal following. Although the restaurant was not on the market, the new owners recognized CHARM’s success as an asset and they presented an excellent offer and quick completion.”

Key staff and management from CHARM will find employment within the Thai House Restaurant Group. CHARM executive chef Samnan Kamonroek will make the move to Pink Elephant Thai joining chef Parichat Poomkajorn in turning out traditional Thai favorites and innovative Thai creations.

I will have to just stick to Pink Elephant Thai which is really delicious so I don’t mind!


Miko Sushi on Robson St.

12 May

If you are a veggie sushi fan the way that I am, you will love Miko Sushi on Robson Street.

I was living only a block away from Miko for over a year and I never even noticed it! Nestled near waffles, bubble tea and Don Guacamoles it can be easy to miss.
I am so glad that I finally discovered this little gem!

When you walk through the door you are greeted by everyone in Japanese! Its like a hum of multiple Japanese voices all coming together. I was excited to sit down and opted for a booth rather than at the bar (they give you the option). The walls are covered with autographs, mostly from sports dudes who have visited over the years
The waitresses have the most amazing traditional outfits, and I was kind of obsessed with the big bow on the back.

As I mentioned, and in every other post, I am vegetarian. I always stick with avocado roll which is my most favorite. Having a large soft portion of avocado tucked in to a thin layer of deliciously fresh rice is such a treat! Most of the time either there is too little avocado or just TONS of rice. Miko sushi finds the perfect balance. I also ordered a yam roll (not on the menu but just ask) and was pleasantly surprised receiving a freshly fried piece of yam with a delicious asparagus. YUM!
Watching the chefs prepare the rolls was awesome. There was another Japanese man eating at the bar who was talking to the chefs. I really felt like I was in Japan for a moment.

Miko Sushi is amazing! For just $10 I was stuffed! I also have to mention that the wassabi is SO fresh I have never tasted anything like it! Make sure to make a stop Miko sushi when you’re craving some great sushi while you’re shopping! Also, they have two TVs and are always playing the Canucks games!

Miko Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1335 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6
(604) 681-0339

Miura Waffle & Milk Bar on Davie St.

20 Feb

I decided to try something new for lunch the other day, and had heard good things about Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Davie St. (near Howe St.). They do waffle sandwiches (sweet and savory about $6.49 each) and have a great selection of flavoured milks (starting at just $2.99).

I went for the veggie ($6.49) and made it a combo (only $2 more gets you a 12oz coffee and a soup).

The Veggie sandwich is freshly made right on the waffle grill in front on you. It has 3 types of mushrooms and a good amount of cheese sandwiched between fresh waffles (they put spinach in the middle of the waffles themselves as well which is really great!). I would have loved to have more spinach in mine to balance out the greasy waffle. The waffles are incredibly fresh and taste quite light overall. But they are waffles so they are a bit greasier than what I normally enjoy for lunch.

The soup that day was a yam miso soup which was an interesting flavour, but having a creamy soup, with the heavy sandwich was a bit much for me. I enjoyed it but wasn’t in love.

The coffee was too strong for my taste, but if you like REALLY strong coffee, this is the place for you.

I felt the wait time was a little longer than was needed, especially on a short lunch break from the office. The couple that owns it are really lovely, and there was several regulars talking to them the entire time I was there. If people keep coming back for more you know it’s good.

If you are looking for a light lunch, you could come here just for the soup. If you want to stuff yourself for under $10 this is also the place for you!

Miura Waffle Milk Bar
829 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1B7
(604) 687-2909 ‎


Delicious food, trendy atmosphere at Terracotta

14 Feb

Walking in to Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant in Gastown, I knew right away I was about to have a very trendy experience. Sometimes when places are too trendy the food tends to suffer, so I was a little nervous but excited for them to prove me wrong. It’s always a bit scary for me trying some place new. You never know what to order and if you will be utterly unimpressed or left dying for more. It’s one of the main reasons I have a terrible tendency to have the same dinner night after night (Sushi!). This was a pleasant surprise.

We sat down at a small table on the upper level of the restaurant, the hostess who brought us to our table was really sweet, our server was really sweet also but seemed like she may have been either a bit clueless about the menu or many she was really new? She was really sweet but wasn’t really able to lead us in the right direction with regards to the menu. Luckily we made our way through

My friend Laura started with an amazing drink called the Chun-Li (Blueberry Stoli, Hpnotiq, Blue Liquer with fresh Dragon Fruit $9.50) it looked amazing. It was a bit sweet for her taste but she wanted to try something new.

I just had a glass of shiraz which was really nice at $10.

I am vegetarian and so did not have the opportunity to try any of the seafood or meat items. Others ordered them at surrounding tables and they looked nice. My friend had the prawn rolls (Prawn stuffed Bean Curd Rolls (Made in house) $7.50-which as reported from her were very good), and the Siu Mai (House Made Pork, Prawn and Mushroom Dumplings $7.50- these she was not a huge fan of, she said they tasted like they weren’t fully cooked and also they came with fish roe on top which she was not a fan of so she could not finish them sadly). She was also Stuffed so that was also a factor. She suggested that it was just her personal taste buds and not the dish per say. She would have liked it to be a bit less “seafood tasting” and more of the cooked pork.

I had two veg dishes! They were both amazing and I ordered some rice on the side.
First up was the Szechuan Green Beans (Wok Tossed Green Beans, Mild Heat and Complex Flavour $9.00) They were SO GOOD! I loved these, I always go for the green beans when I have Chinese (well not that, that is all that often!) They were sweet, spicy and FULL of flavour. This I would recommend AND get again and again. If you are at a table with a few people you should definitely order more than one order as everyone will want some.

I also ordered the Red Chili Tofu (Egg Tofu served in Red Chili Sauce $8.00). This was also really great. The tofu was so soft, yet had a slight “crust” on the outside holding in all the juiciness from the chili sauce. The sauce was spicy and also had a nice saltiness to it. I was breaking up the pieces of tofu and eating them but that was becoming to time consuming, so I decided to just bite in to the pieces, and it actually made the taste EXPLODE in my mouth. I really enjoyed it and it even complimented the green beans really nice. I would have liked both of the dishes to be served with a spoon as it was a little difficult to get the sauce.

The amazing owner of Terracotta, Eric, was kind enough to bring us two Aloe Vodka shots. These were AMAZING we really loved them. I recommend having these both before AND after your dinner. They were sweet and the light taste of Aloe was just a perfect finish to the meal.

It was a great meal all and all! I am looking forward to returning and trying some other items and hopefully coming with a larger group so I can order even more and try other things. I really want to try their Chivas and Green Tea. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, so I didn’t go for it, but maybe next time I will be a bit more adventurous. It was a fairly relaxing environment, they have room for bigger groups and its an ideal place for a date. Super sexy atmosphere and the food isn’t too greasy so you don’t have to worry about being a bloatasaurus afterwards!

Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant
52 Alexander St.
Vancouver, BC
Terracotta is open Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm – Midnight

Charm Dine Out Vancouver Menu Preview

13 Jan

I was lucky enough to be invited to experience a preview of the Dine Out Vancouver menu at Charm Modern Thai in Yaletown. This is already one of my favorite places to go, so I was eager to check out the menu.
NOTE: I am a vegetarian, and unfortunately they do not offer a veggie menu for their Dine Out Vancouver, but the fine staff at Charm were nice enough to bring out a veggie and tofu Panang Curry for me! I was able to get some photos (and some feedback from the Food bloggers in attendance) of the menu items.

They started us off with some delicious red and white wine and a white wine sangria (I sadly did not get a photo of that)

then came a tower of their appetizers! There are 3 to chose from, Tiger Prawn Satay Marinated prawn satay sticks, Duck Sticks Fried duck confit spring rolls served with a wok roasted chilli sauce or Rock Pepper with Garlic Prawns Spice rubbed rock pepper with garlic prawns.

Next we moved on to the main dishes which all looked amazing! There are three choices and they are: Green Tea Chicken Pan seared green tea and lemongrass marinated organic chicken breast with orange and ginger glaze served with sautéed vegetables, Coconut Cream Scallops Grilled Japanese jumbo scallops drizzled with coconut cream sauce served with seasonal vegetables or Salmon Linguine Pan seared salmon with linguine in a medium spiced Thai green curry. The consensus was that the Green Tea Chicken was delicious with really yummy skin, and the Coconut Cream Scallops seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

@DennisPang and @Followmefoodie digging in!

@tinhead pondering over the menu

Here is a photo of my delicious veggie panang curry! It is always amazing! Spicy and sweet and creamy all at once. leaves you wanting more.

We then had dessert (the best part in my opinion and a part which I could take part in). The three choices were: Chocolate Chilli Torte, Vanilla Bean Tapioca or Homemade Thai Tea Ice Cream. The chocolate chilli torte came out with sweet wontons and it was very delicious. The dark chocolate hits you right away and then the chilli comes at you afterwards. The Vanilla Bean Tapioca was warm and lightly sweet. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a light dessert. My favorite was the Thai Tea Ice cream which was amazing! I could have kept eating it!

Dine Out Vancouver runs from January 24th to February 6th, 2011
You can make reservations HERE

Charm Modern Thai and Bar
1269 Hamilton Street Vancouver 604-688-9339

The Tapa Bar, Victoria BC

30 Dec

I am often in Victoria as my family lives there. I normally eat out a lot when I’m there but have a tendency to visit the same places. My friend suggested the Tapa Bar to me and at first I wasn’t sure, but I agreed since I love trying new things and wanted to veer away from my usual spots for a change.

Walking in to The Tapa Bar in Victoria makes you feel immediately cozy, with the smells wafting at you as you enter, you can’t help but be lured in. The dimmed lighting, Spanish music, sounds of people talking and laughter all add to its charm. This Spanish themed restaurant is centered around its mantra of “Food to Share”. It features the gorgeous artwork by Mexican/Canadian Artist Luis Merino which you can see all over the restaurant. I was lucky enough to enjoy some of what The Tapa Bar has to offer on a chilly night in
December and I was blown away by the experience.

We started the evening off with a bottle of VQA wine at the reasonable price of just $28, their small selection of wines really does have something for everyone without breaking the bank. I can’t remember the name of the wine unfortunately but it was a delicious red medium body jewel! After enjoying a few sips we looked over the menu and decided on some vegetarian tapas (as I don’t eat meat). They were all AMAZING.

We enjoyed their Mixed Olives first (which are marinated in house). At just $3 this is a treat not to be missed! They come served in olive oil, fresh basil and include some roasted garlic. All that is good enough, but throw in the foccacia that is included and its perfect for soaking up the yummy oil and basil afterward! The flavours were so rich I wanted to order more… but I didn’t! I had to save room.

Next we tried their Chile Relleno (roasted poblano pepper, stuffed with cheese & salsa fresca on a corn tortilla topped with sour cream $8.50 ) the heat from the pepper paired with the fresh salsa, salty cheese and creamy sour cream was a taste sensation!

We then moved on to the Tostada (crisp corn tortilla topped with salsa verde, mushrooms & goat cheese $8.50 ) which was my favorite! The earthy mushrooms were flavored just right and made me savor each and every bite!

Last but not least we decided to go for some dessert and splurged with their Crème Brule Trio! $8. It featured a vanilla, chocolate and coconut brule, each bursting with flavor and crunchy/creamy texture!

After all this amazing food, I most definitely opted to skip the cab and walk (well roll) myself home. You must try this place if you make your way down Trounce Alley in Victoria! It is a great place for a date, dinner with friends, or a place to take the parents/in laws alike!

The Tapa Bar
620 Trounce Alley
Victoria, BC V8W 1K3
(250) 383-0013

*photo credit: http://www.tapabar.ca

My Prophouse Cafe Experience

2 Dec

I am a downtown girl, and I live in a downtown world. However…. I finally decided to venture over to Commercial Drive last weekend. I entered Prophouse Cafe (located at 1636 Venables St.) and was in AWE! This place is like nothing I have ever seen! You walk in and what looks like a small cafe (with some delicious pastries and food options) and see that up the stairs, there is a huge room FILLED with… well… props I guess you could say! Its like your Grandma’s basement times a million! Kitchy kitchy kitchy! And its amazing.

I ordered a lemon and blueberry loaf and also a London Fog (I ended up getting a vanilla latte by accident, but it tasted great so I didn’t bother saying anything). The loaf was INSANE it was jam packed with blueberries and incredibly fresh. They also have tons of different mugs to serve the drinks. They are so great!

Within the sitting area, there is an abundance of panther memorabilia, crazy lights, insane artwork, books that you can read, a stack of 8 tracks, a music station with a microphone, piano, guitars and more, really interesting tables and chairs, an area with TONS of records and you can go up and put on whatever you want!

While I was enjoying my coffee a guy went up to the piano and started playing several Beatles songs! It was so great. I also of course had to take a picture with the coolest old phone!!!

I really recommend stopping by this one of a kind cafe just off Commercial Drive. Check them out online at www.prophousecafe.com

My lunch at Gorilla Food

1 Nov

I have been trying for months to get to Gorilla Food but I can never seem to make it during their business hours. Finally this past Saturday, I was able to stop in to enjoy some of their fine vegan, raw delights!

Gorilla Food is located near Richards and West Pender St. at 101 – 436 Richards Street to be exact. They feature an entirely vegan and raw menu which may throw some people off, but it is nothing short of fabulous.

When I first walked down the stairs and in to this small cafe style restaurant, there were only a few others there. I ordered, and was then informed they were cash only as I was pulling out my debit card. Fortunately though, there is an ATM right next door, or several others in the nearby area. I went to get cash, and then returned. The girl working was nice enough to put in my order while I was away. I decided to order the Morroccan Rawkin Olive “Pizza” ($8) which is a dehydrated, wheat-free and gluten-free sprouted sunflower seed, buckwheat and carrot, flax seed crust, topped with a sun-dried tomato herb sauce and a heavy handful of tenderized kale veggie mix-up, then has a scoop of black olive tapenade and then topped with spicy crushed chili almonds.

I also went with the Helio Tropic smoothie ($6) which is bananas, orange juice, pineapple, kale.

There were tons of amazing looking cookies, pies, chocolates and more there, but I figured what I ordered would be more than enough!

I went to sit down, the initial table I chose was SO wobbly so luckily other tables were available and I quickly moved to another. Once seated, I only waited about 5-7 minutes for everything to be ready which was brought out to me right away.

The food looked great and I was ready to dig in. I first tried the smoothie which was so full of flavour and completely blended, I actually could hardly taste the kale, which usually when I put kale in my smoothies at home, I can really taste, so that was kind of nice.

Next I cut in to the pizza! Which was an amazing flavour. The nuts really did have almost a cheese flavour. I was told this was one of the yummier items on the menu, so give it a try if you like olives!

I was so amazed by the great tastes going on in my mouth, also, as I was eating the placed filled up, all the seats were taken and more and more people kept coming in. One family liked the sound of the menu, until they heard that it was all raw and then they left pretty quick! If only they had tried!!! I was also amazed that I was full for HOURS after, probably until at least 6pm (I went in a 12 noon).

I will definitely go back to this place and take more friends with me who may be skeptical! Gorilla Food is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00AM until 7:00PM. Closed Sundays. Be sure to swing by on your next lunch break! You will not be disappointed.

Wine and food pairing at the Hamilton St. Grill

14 Oct

A couple of weeks a go I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Hamilton St. Grill’s monthly wine and food pairing. It is a early evening event that happens about once every month, usually showcasing a different vineyard and the amazing works of chef Neil Wyles and the other cooks at the HSG. This month, they were featuring 8th Generation Vineyard The food is just a sampling but you get enough that you feel full!

They sat us down at a long table which had about 10 people per side. The restaurant was empty at this time, making for a very intimate atmosphere.

We started off with a new release for the winery. A Chardonnay Frizzante style paired with prosciutto wrapped asparagus with crumbled goat cheese (mine didn’t have the prosciutto as I am vegetarian). I forgot to take a picture of the food because I was getting so hungry, but I got a shot of the wine which was so lovely! I would highly recommend taking a look at 8th generation’s website and purchasing this! at only $20 it is a bargain! This is the description from their website:
“You can easily call it BC’s “PROSECCO”. This bubbly is definitely the best start for brunch, dinner and everything in between. No oak, all pure fruit with a remarkable peach bouquet and a fresh & creamy mouth-feel.”

This Chardonnay also came in a very interesting frosted glass bottle which you can sort of see in the below photo of the Riesling! Or take a look at their website.

Moving on the the 2nd pairing we enjoyed a delicious Riesling with a scallop tartar. (I was made a delicious salad of baby arugula, candied pecans, and herbed goats cheese! YUM!)

The bottle

The Riesling was actually my favorite! I don’t usually enjoy white wines, but the apple flavour was lovely. It was not too sweet and dry enough that I truly enjoyed it. The taste paired with the salad was delicious!
Here is the description from their website:
“Intense exotic fruit aromas from our +20 year old vineyard greets your nose. Notes of mango, ripe pear & baked apple on the palate.”

Last but not least was the Merlot, which was my least fav wine, paired with THE BEST Gnocchi I have ever had! The wine was not superb on its own, but paired with this melt in your mouth gnocchi it was a match made in heaven! I have been dreaming about their gnocchi since this evening actually! I wish it was on their menu. The carmalized onions, mushrooms and some sort of sour cream was amazing!
The Merlot is also a new release, here is the description from the website:
“Pretty young but with a little bit of patience soon BLACK – BOLD & fruity! Rich black cherry fruit and cassis on the nose. A hint of spice and dark chocolate follow on the palate. The Merlot is full of character and an athletic body. The “Ironman” of our wine family. Aged 10 month in French oak barriques. Unfiltered. 433 cases produced.”

I would highly recommend getting on the Hamilton St. Grill’s mailing list to find out about the next event! The tickets are just $25 which really cannot be beat! Its a great time, a great way to meet new people and all and all a lot of fun!
Follow the HSG and 8th Generation on twitter @HamiltonStGrill @8thGenVineyard
You can also follow me on twitter @VancityAmy

Chariot Festival 2010

16 Aug

I went down to the 2010 Chariot Festival at 2nd Beach today. It was really amazing! There were hundreds of people there getting free vegetarian feasts which were plates full of rice, pakoras, salad and other Indian delights. They had many booths about vegetarianism, reincarnation and information on the Here Krishna mantra.

I also had an amazing veggie samosa and the most amazing ice cream called Kulfi which was cardamon flavour and almonds. SO amazing.

As I was sitting down to enjoy my food there was some chanting, dancing and drumming that took place right beside me! It was great and everyone was filled with so much joy! Check out this short video: