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The Peak Performance Project 2011 TOP 20 ANNOUNCED!

31 May

I am really impressed with the talent that was selected for the Peak Performance Project 2011 Top 20! They are amazing! I like seeing some smaller bands versus some of the bigger names that made it last year. There is a lot of great talent from Victoria and a lot of great friends and people I spent my growing up with who have made it and I could not be more proud!! This is a list of people that deserve this so much. Take a listen to some of these amazing artists.

My favorites have videos beside them! GO TEAM!


Acres of Lions

awesome video with some of Vancouver’s hottest breakdancers! GO TYSON!!

Ashleigh Eymann
Ashleigh would get a video but I could not find one that really shows her off… I will just hope for one in the near future! Good luck to you Ashleigh! I used to watch Ashleigh and another friend Georgia Murray perform at Lucky Bar in Victoria Wednesday nights in my wild youth days. Those were the best nights and these girls always WORKED it sooo hard. They had this one song that I always loved! happy to see her on the list!


Behind Sapphire

Some people just know how to connect with their fans, Behind Sapphire knows how to do it. They are also amazing and I hope they win.
They are playing an amazing charity show June 11th ANDREWPALOOZA Please get tickets to this amazing event

Current Swell

WORK IT OUT CS DUDES!! Love this song! My friend Dave plays with these guys and is in this SUPER island video.. anyone from Victoria knows what I’m saying…AHH memories of drunken campfire days and sing songy nights!

David Vertesi

Fields of Green

Hilary Grist

Jasper Sloan Yip

Its rare when people are captivating. Jasper is. The moment you watch him live you know he has mad skills and memorable melodies! Good luck Jasper SY! He also works at JJ Bean I think which I mean… seriously has the most delicious coffee and scrumptious peach oatmeal muffins… A+ in my books!

Lindsay Bryan


I went to high school with a couple of these guys! YEAH so happy for you guys! Get a huge crush on these boys ladies.. they are adorable…

Redgy Blackout


The Belle Game

The Boom Booms

The Matinee

The Never Surprise

The Oh Wells


41st and Home

Good luck to everyone and I cannot wait to see the final performances and see who makes it through!!


3 year olds can be insanely amazing

19 Feb

I saw this video on the blog of one of my favourite artists, Esthero ( and I had to share it.

3-year-old recites poem, “Litany” by Billy Collins

Also, check out this amazing song by Esthero who just blows my mind all the time! Singing an unreleased song (that I badly want on my ipod!) If I didn’t have faith

One more… Black Mermaid! Love this!

Behind Sapphire Plays St. James Hall January 21st WIN TICKETS!

17 Jan

Behind Sapphire is a phenomenal local band that just ooze talent. Their songs are beautiful and instantly take you to another place.
The band, consisting of members Matthew Mazankowski, Grant Cassell, Steven Ward, Matthew Tomkinson and Dylan Murley have had an amazing year! They were among the top 20 in the Peak Performance Project and released a beautiful video for the song Oh My, What A Fine Day, starring Nanaimo actress Jodelle Ferland of Twilight to name just two of their major accomplishments.

The band plays St. James Hall w/ David Vertesi & Treelines on January 21st and we want you to win tickets!
Simply RT (retweet) the following message on twitter to win:

“WIN 2 tickets to see @behindsapphire & 2 Cds Friday Jan. 21 @ St James Hall from @themusebox & @VancityAmy RT to enter”

The contest runs until Thursday January 20th when a winner will be selected!

RT often!

Photo taken from the Behind Sapphire MYSPACE page

Ingrid Gatin plays Falconetti’s January 8th-WIN TICKETS!

7 Jan

Ingrid Gatin is an amazing singer, songwriter and pianist. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba she is bringing her beautiful voice, sincere lyrics and memorable melodies to Vancouver’s Falconetti’s Saturday, January 8th.

Ingrid has taken off on the road with Montreal musician Mateo Tomlinson and they are making stops all over the West Coast while also playing on board VIA rail train cars, entertaining passengers along the way.

Here is an excerpt from her page on the Musebox website about how the idea came in to fruition and what the tour is all about:

“Winnipeg’s indie/roots darling Ingrid Gatin is touring by train across Western Canada this winter, together with musician Mateo Tomlinson of Montréal.

The pair will leave snowbound Winnipeg behind on December 29th, entertaining passengers onboard VIA Rail train cars for the New Years Eve Party, and then stop off in Vancouver for a rousing and raucous performance at the Railway Club on Jan. 1.This surefire morning-after cure will see Gatin partnering with Vancouver’s own Accordion Noir Festival and accompanying radio program to promote the obviously accordion-based music show, with Gatin’s own style of gypsy-French café accordion.

The Railway Club will be the perfect landing for the duo, who will then go on to tour Vancouver Island for a week, and round off its BC stint at Vancouver’s fantastic Falconetti’s.on January 8th. The train will stop twice while winding its way back to Winnipeg, in Jasper and in Edmonton with three more stand-up shows.

Gatin speaks about the idea: “The train was always something that intrigued me, growing up in small town Saskatchewan, listening to the sound of the train every night before falling asleep. I wanted to try to integrate my music with my travel, and the train seemed like the perfect way, and fortunately VIA Rail was into the idea too.”

Following this tour, Gatin returns to a cold Winnipeg winter to start work on her new album save for a few 2011 escapes to Memphis for the Folk Alliance in February and then Toronto for Canadian Music Fest in March. Gatin is already receiving attention for her upcoming album, releasing one of her new tracks exclusively to Exclaim! online. Watch for her new album, released this May 2011 and another cross Canada tour to support it.”

Ingrid is playing at 9pm at Falconetti’s and I have 2 tickets and 2 CD’s to giveaway to one lucky reader!

To win please tweet the following message to be entered to win:

“I want to win 2 CD’s & 2 tickets to see @ingridgatin at Falconetti’s Jan 8th from @themusebox & @VancityAmy RT to enter”

I will draw a winner Saturday morning!

Make sure to head down to Falconetti’s tomorrow night to check out Ingrid Gatin and enjoy some amazing food!

“Tears in the Dark” by Graph Gonzales

17 Dec

I just had to share this track! The latest and greatest from Graph Gonzales is a HOT song called “Tears in the Dark”. It was produced by local multi talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer Chin Injeti. This song will get stuck in your head immediately and make you want to get up and shake it.

I am really obsessed with this! I want an album out STAT so I can rock out to this 24/7!

Check out this other amazing song from her group Idle Warship (it includes Res and Talib Kweli) called “Bedroom Lites”

Learn more about Graph HERE

Adaline & Frederick’s “Let’s Stay Inside”

8 Dec

Adaline, who is from Vancouver and was recently signed to new label, Light Organ Records, has released a Christmas song with Frederick on the album’s debut compilation Christmas album called “Our First Christmas”.

Check out this GORGEOUS song “Let’s Stay Inside”

Buy the compilation CD HERE on iTunes

Georgia Murray-Crazy (Gnarles Barkley Cover)

17 Nov

Victoria BC Singer/Songwriter Georgia Murray, rocking this cover of Crazy by Gnarles Barkley! SO GOOD! Just watch to be blown away!

Data Romance-Bones

17 Nov

Local Vancouver BC group, Data Romance, has just released a new single and video for ‘Bones’.

Their sound is definitely a pop, dance, electro mix. It has the ability to whisk you away to another place, as its fairly mellow in nature.

This is their bio from their website:
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.

-We are Ajay and Amy.
-We used to be called Names.
-Now we’re called Data Romance.
-We’re from Vancouver.
-We formed in 2009.
-We love you for coming here.
-We sometimes use a monome.
-We sometimes score for film.

Check out the video for their new single. Its a very simple concept, but still fun to watch!

This song (bones) isn’t a favourite of mine. I really enjoy their song ‘Swept Away’ which you can listen to on Myspace
This song really reminds me of one of my favs Imogen Heap! Love it!
I can expect that many more great whispy, melodical songs will come from this group soon! Watch out for them and follow them on twitter @Dataromance
While you’re at it, follow me too! @VancityAmy

Keenan Cahill featuring 50 Cent from Chelsea Lately

13 Nov

So just watch this… I am so happy… life is good…. 50 cent is a good good man…. I am so so happy and will be watching this on repeat.

I have no words, just a huge smile

Peak Performance Project 2010 FINALE

8 Nov

The top 3 in the Peak Performance Project were announced earlier in the week. They are (in no particular order) Kyprios, Said the Whale and Vince Vaccaro!


For those of you who do not know, The PPP is the largest contest of its kind in the country. Over a 5 year span, the project (put on by the Peak and Music BC) will be giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to supporting and nurturing BC musicians. Each year 20 artists will have the chance to attend the P3 Bootcamp, take part in several challenges, and have the opportunity to win $100,500!

Last year We are the City took the lead. This year Kyprios, Said the Whale and Vince Vaccaro are all vying for the top prize, however they all walk away with some prize money to put toward their career. The 1st place artist will receive $100,500, 2nd is $75,000, 3rd is $50,000.

Said the Whale

They will be doing their final showcase at the Commodore Ballroom on November 18th where they will announce the winner! Tickets are just $18.85 and available ONLINE

Vince Vacarro