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#Tweettoeat: a Social Experiment

24 Mar

People tell me on a nearly weekly basis that they find Vancouver a difficult place to meet friends and a place where people seem cold and withdrawn. Each time I hear these words uttered from the mouths of friends and strangers, I often wonder where that perception comes from? I certainly do not have that experience here, overall. There are days where the weather isn’t as nice as it could be, and maybe some angry faces are peering back at me as we sardine can our way home together on the skytrain or #3 Main st. bus (transit, now THERE is something to complain about!). BUT overall, my experience is Vancouver is that I meet a lot of people, a lot of kind, generous, loving people that I have a hard time not welcoming in to my life with open arms.

This perception people seem to have of Vancouver got me thinking. What can I do to showcase the generosity of other people, on a very simple level. Not showcasing people doing extra ordinary things, no, that has been done before. I need something that fundamentally shows that regardless of the benefit to the people of this city, there are people out there who care, want to meet new people and want to help others out, right here in our own community. I wanted to do something a bit crazy, a bit unusual. #Tweettoeat… read on if you dare!

For two weeks, starting on April 15th (Ending on April 28th), I will attempt to eat nothing but what I can source from friends and strangers on twitter. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Food that is unwanted from your fridge or cupboard
  • Generous invites to have dinner or pop by to grab some breakfast!
  • Coupons for free food
  • invitations to go for sushi, ramen, whatever!
  • Tea & coffee donations will be greatly appreciated!

I want to take this opportunity to meet people, to welcome new strangers in to my life and to prove to everyone who lives here that this city is filled with compassionate people, people who care and want to help each other out (and don’t want to see me starve).

A single disclaimer! I am vegetarian. This is the only issue… we will see how that goes.


I will be documenting the entire journey here, on my Twitter (@VancityAmy) and on my Facebook page and instagram (@VancityAmy).

This terrifies me, so you know. The only reason I am putting this blog post up now, is so I don’t back out of this! Please let me know if you want to participate and help me out (Through Twitter please!) I am really looking forward to this terrifying and exciting journey!

I will be using the hashtag #Tweettoeat follow it to follow the adventures!

Contact me at amyelderkin [at] gmail [dot] com