The Juice Truck Mixes up Healthy Blends in Gastown

11 Aug

I have been hitting the Juice Truck almost weekly (or a couple times a week) since they opened on July 15th, 2011. The Juice Truck operates right at the corner of Water St. and Abbott St. in Gastown daily. They occasionally take their truck to Kits, but that is rare (make sure to check their twitter feed for any changes).

The Juice Truck offers a good sized selection of Juices and smoothies! I usually get the Hybrid which is carrot juice, ginger, fresh almond milk (they make it themselves with the special essence of cinnamon and cardamon!) and a banana. I usually get them to add a handful of spinach and have playfully named this creation the HYBRIZZLE! Don’t be afraid to order it by name! They will soon be offering shots of wheatgrass and they also sell cups of their almond milk on its own! You can even take a cup home to add to your cereal, coffee etc etc. Most all juices and smoothies are about $7 (they accept cash, credit card and debit for your purchasing convenience).

This juiciest truck in town, was the brain child of Zach Berman and Ryan Slater. These young entrepreneurs were inspired on their travels throughout Nepal, India and many other amazing countries where they would constantly see street vendors selling delicious juices on the side of the street (check out some of the photos of the fruits and juices from their journeys on their FACEBOOK PAGE). They decided to take their passion for healthy eating to the streets of Vancouver. The two are often assisted by their close friend aviya, who is the ultimate in awesomeness, and juice making! (I am certain her skills go far beyond juice!). This team is firstly, TALENTED! Their juices and smoothies are truly to die for! Secondly SUPER FRIENDLY. You will feel so welcome the moment you arrive. THIRDLY they are ADORABLE! Seriously, you will want to scoop them all up as your own personal juice makers!

On this particular day, and having just had a giant brunch, I decided to keep in light, and tried their special Lemonade which had fresh lemon, ginger, mint, rhubarb and strawberries $5.50. I waited anxiously for my drink and it came really quick! It was SUCH a gorgeous colour, I could not wait to taste it!

It was JUST as delicious as it looked! Amazing strawberries floating inside and yummy pieces of mint!

I also ordered a Raw Chai Brownie for later. These are only $2.50 and worth EVERY penny! They are made of Dates, Cacao, Hazlenut, Vanilla, Coconut Oil, Ground Flax Seed, Chai tea and a hint of Maple Syrup. I was happy to indulge in this tasty treat later that evening!

Make sure to check them out at Water St. and Abbott and keep it locked on their Website (coming soon)
They are also up for a FUEL Award! read more:


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