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The Peak Performance Project 2011 TOP 20 ANNOUNCED!

31 May

I am really impressed with the talent that was selected for the Peak Performance Project 2011 Top 20! They are amazing! I like seeing some smaller bands versus some of the bigger names that made it last year. There is a lot of great talent from Victoria and a lot of great friends and people I spent my growing up with who have made it and I could not be more proud!! This is a list of people that deserve this so much. Take a listen to some of these amazing artists.

My favorites have videos beside them! GO TEAM!


Acres of Lions

awesome video with some of Vancouver’s hottest breakdancers! GO TYSON!!

Ashleigh Eymann
Ashleigh would get a video but I could not find one that really shows her off… I will just hope for one in the near future! Good luck to you Ashleigh! I used to watch Ashleigh and another friend Georgia Murray perform at Lucky Bar in Victoria Wednesday nights in my wild youth days. Those were the best nights and these girls always WORKED it sooo hard. They had this one song that I always loved! happy to see her on the list!


Behind Sapphire

Some people just know how to connect with their fans, Behind Sapphire knows how to do it. They are also amazing and I hope they win.
They are playing an amazing charity show June 11th ANDREWPALOOZA Please get tickets to this amazing event

Current Swell

WORK IT OUT CS DUDES!! Love this song! My friend Dave plays with these guys and is in this SUPER island video.. anyone from Victoria knows what I’m saying…AHH memories of drunken campfire days and sing songy nights!

David Vertesi

Fields of Green

Hilary Grist

Jasper Sloan Yip

Its rare when people are captivating. Jasper is. The moment you watch him live you know he has mad skills and memorable melodies! Good luck Jasper SY! He also works at JJ Bean I think which I mean… seriously has the most delicious coffee and scrumptious peach oatmeal muffins… A+ in my books!

Lindsay Bryan


I went to high school with a couple of these guys! YEAH so happy for you guys! Get a huge crush on these boys ladies.. they are adorable…

Redgy Blackout


The Belle Game

The Boom Booms

The Matinee

The Never Surprise

The Oh Wells


41st and Home

Good luck to everyone and I cannot wait to see the final performances and see who makes it through!!


Another Vancity Amy Tweetup June 15th & Fundraiser!

30 May

I am about to celebrate my 27th birthday, and wanted to share it with the amazing friends I have made over the last year! What better way than with a tweetup!

Come down to CALABASH BISTRO on WEDNESDAY JUNE 15th from 5-9pm for a birthday Extravaganza and Fundraiser!

We will be raising funds at the door for an amazing organization called Vancouver Street Soccer.

A bit about them:

The Vancouver Street Soccer League uses soccer to inspire and empower. Our league is made up of teams that provide friendship for the homeless, physical fitness for the ill and addicted, direction for at-risk youth, and cultural focus for other unique communities such as inner-city First Nations people. There’s a reason why soccer is known as the ‘beautiful game’ – the beauty is that it can enrich people’s lives. We’re here to get the ball rolling…

The Vancouver Street Soccer League is associated with Street Soccer Canada and the Homeless World Cup.

This year they are trying to send two teams to Paris for the homeless world cup, each team costs $20k-$25k to get there.
Help them send the 1st ever women’s soccer team to represent Canada in the homeless world cup in Paris. 2011!

The night is going to be FUN FUN FUN! Filled with great friends (some old, some new and some you haven’t met yet!) free appetizers (gratiously donated by Calabash Bistro), photo contest prizes, and an amazing CALABASH RUM PUNCH drink special just $6!

There will be music pumping, food and drinks, prizes and more birthday fun! Come help raise some money for this amazing charity and celebrate a great year with me!

I cannot wait to see you all there!!!

Suggested donation is $5 Bring as much or as little as you can afford as every bit helps!

There will be a photo contest for some great prizes happening so make sure to tag everything from the night with the hashtag #VCAmybday


Some great sponsors have donated prizes for Wednesday!

Thank you to:
Bella Gelateria
Marquis Wine Cellar
Gastown Tattoo
Bombay Brow Bar
Evolve Designs
Calabash Bistro

Remember: If there is a game 7, we will play it!!! So come anyhow!

Some of My Favourite Long Weekend Activities

17 May

As you know, the long weekend is coming up and I know for most of us sometimes figuring out what to do is a bit of a challenge. I myself will be heading off to Victoria to see my friends and family and I am planning to do excessive amounts of sleeping and also eating. YIPPEE! Not to mention snuggling with these gigantic muffins

I have my weekend all sorted out, but there are some things happening in Vancouver that I am sad to be missing, or things that I love to do and I am sad I wont get to this long weekend. Here are some of my fav things to do or events that I wish I could attend!

#1 Hip Hop Dance Class at Harbour Dance Centre
Eric Malapad is one of my favourite teachers in Vancouver. He will really bring out the best in you and make you really let go and have fun. If you want to sweat and gain a few new moves, take Eric’s class.
Sunday at 12:30 (intro) or 1:30 (level 1)

#2 Go Watch Bridesmaids Again
Seriously this movie is hilarious. If you are feeling down, or just want to sit and laugh for a couple hours go watch this movie. I would seriously spend an another afternoon or evening watching this again. Check the showtimes

# 3 Naughty By Nature Plays Bar None May 22nd
Come ON!This show is going to be awesome. Not such a big fan of Bar None (snobby people working there!!!) BUT I would go for this. I am SO sad to be missing this event. Are you going?? Lucky jerk! Get tickets

#4 Go to BOGO at Payless
They have so many cute girls shoes right now! Perfect little slips ons for spring. At buy one get one half price you cannot go wrong. Alright, I guess I can also do this in Victoria but seriously! There are some DEALS right now as some of the spring stuff is getting cleared out and the summer stuff arrives. Don’t miss out! Should I also mention that Joe Fresh has $8 t shirts?! Get on that people!

#5 Get a car from Car2Go and head over to Lighthouse Park (with a stop on the way back in to downtown at the Bakehouse of course!)
If you don’t know about Car2Go yet you gotta check them out. Its a great way to get a car inexpensively for a short period of time. You just drop it off in a designated area when you’re done and the Car2Go people take care of gas and all the rest! Check out more about them HERE
I LOVE Lighthouse Park! Its gorgeous there! Such a great place to go on a hiking trip and amazing views of the city. Grab your camera, grab the dog and take a hike!
Anytime I head over that way I have to go to the Bakehouse. They have the most INSANE bread (I think it’s actually a bread made of beer?!) its slightly sweet and just amazing. They have the best salad, sandwiches, chili, insane cookies and pastries and just yumminess all around. perfect stop on the way back in to town after a long hike! Check them out

#6 Go play records, read crazy books, play musical instruments and eat at Prophouse Cafe
If you have still not been to Prophouse Cafe yet then GO!!! It’s an insane ride to another planet. This place is FULL of insane “props” an area where you can play records, play some music on their many instruments, read one of the books lying around and so much more. There is hours of entertainment here! They also have some GREAT full of fruit scones, really great chili and quiche and delicious coffee. They have soy, almond and regular milk to add to your coffee as you wish. Its just a GREAT place and one place I always head to when I am on Commercial Drive (its just off Commercial on Venebles). Take a look at my blog post about it! AND GOOO!!!!!

Well I could go on…. and I will but for now I will leave it at that and add more as we approach Friday. I hope you enjoy your long weekend, be safe and have FUN!!!!

Miko Sushi on Robson St.

12 May

If you are a veggie sushi fan the way that I am, you will love Miko Sushi on Robson Street.

I was living only a block away from Miko for over a year and I never even noticed it! Nestled near waffles, bubble tea and Don Guacamoles it can be easy to miss.
I am so glad that I finally discovered this little gem!

When you walk through the door you are greeted by everyone in Japanese! Its like a hum of multiple Japanese voices all coming together. I was excited to sit down and opted for a booth rather than at the bar (they give you the option). The walls are covered with autographs, mostly from sports dudes who have visited over the years
The waitresses have the most amazing traditional outfits, and I was kind of obsessed with the big bow on the back.

As I mentioned, and in every other post, I am vegetarian. I always stick with avocado roll which is my most favorite. Having a large soft portion of avocado tucked in to a thin layer of deliciously fresh rice is such a treat! Most of the time either there is too little avocado or just TONS of rice. Miko sushi finds the perfect balance. I also ordered a yam roll (not on the menu but just ask) and was pleasantly surprised receiving a freshly fried piece of yam with a delicious asparagus. YUM!
Watching the chefs prepare the rolls was awesome. There was another Japanese man eating at the bar who was talking to the chefs. I really felt like I was in Japan for a moment.

Miko Sushi is amazing! For just $10 I was stuffed! I also have to mention that the wassabi is SO fresh I have never tasted anything like it! Make sure to make a stop Miko sushi when you’re craving some great sushi while you’re shopping! Also, they have two TVs and are always playing the Canucks games!

Miko Sushi Japanese Restaurant
1335 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6
(604) 681-0339

Projecting Change Film Festival WIN TICKETS!

8 May

Projecting Change Film Festival (PCFF), Western Canada’s only environmental and social issue film festival is taking place May 26th-29th. The festival is heading into its fourth year at SFU Woodwards and unites individuals who are passionate about exploring some of today’s most pressing global issues through thought provoking films and engaging discussions with speakers from around the world.

A film-festival-meets-TED-talk-type of event, PCFF kicks off with an Opening Night Gala, co-presented
by Eco Fashion Week, on Thursday, May 26th at 7pm which will include a fashion show featuring a retrospective of Jeff Garner’s Prophetik as well as a 30 minute documentary about his eco-fashion line.

In addition to film screenings and speaker series, PCFF includes Youth Day on Friday May 27th. Youth Day empowers and educates students from elementary and secondary schools across the lower mainland about issues relevant to their communities. This year, Youth Day is pleased to feature What’s On Your Plate?, a witty and provocative documentary produced and directed by award-winning Catherine Gund about kids and food politics. Youth Day will also include The Clean Bin Project, a documentary by Vancouver filmmakers and partners Jen Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin who challenge each other to a year long contest to see who can produce the least amount of waste.

Projecting Change Film Festival takes place at SFU Woodwards, 149 W. Hastings Street in Vancouver from Thursday, May 26–Sunday, May 29. For more information and a full list of films please visit:

If you would like to win 2 tickets to the event RT the following message:
“I want to win 2 tickets to Projecting Change Film Festival 2011 May 26-29 from @VancityAmy RT to enter!”

Winner will be announced Friday May 20th!