Bake for the Quake

24 Apr

Tonight was Bake for the Quake at The Roundhouse Community Centre. TONS of bakers came together with their amazing treats to sell and all the proceeds went to Japan.

I got there about 10 minutes before 6 and I am glad I did! There was a HUGE line behind me within about 5 minutes. Walking in the the small room at the Roundhouse I was overwhelmed with the amazing baked goods! As much as I wanted everything, I had to make my choices carefully. There were so many people there it was a bit of a challenge to look around! I hardly got to say hello to anyone!

These marshmallows were amazing!! YUM! Not very veggie of me, but I could not resist!

These focaccia’s were amazing! YUM! Thank you Brian!

These raspberry ganache cupcakes were lovely!

Candice was really working the amazing Canucks cupcakes! She is amazing! @loveyourccake

Some friends!!!

Apres Midi Tea was there too! They will be opening this Spring in Gastown and their tea was unbelievable. Follow them on Twitter @apresmiditea

The owners!

I was able to walk away with about $20 worth of goodies that were well worth it!!!

Happy I scooped one of the Canucks cupcakes up from Baked in Vancouver

Some amazing Coconut Marshmallows

My fav girl @lovesaschie of her wonderful nutella chocolate chip cookies

A raspberry ganache cupcake

Great Chai Samurai Cupcake!

Bake for the Quake was an amazing event and over 650 people came through that day! It was so crowded and hopefully they will do the event again in the future, but in a larger room!

Thank you to the organizers and all the amazing bakers!


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