Sunday Brunch at the Waldorf

12 Apr

Sitting down to brunch this past Sunday at the Waldorf for my step sister’s birthday was nothing short of great. The ambiance of the large size dinning area was amazing. Tiki meets you just walked in to a retro 70’s dining room.

The waitress we had was the perfect blend of funny, efficient and just really nice. If she did forget something, she got right back on it. The menu is typical Mexican (as that is the theme!). Its loaded with beans, eggs, cheese and salsa!

I had the Molletes Tradicionaleside of guacamole for $2.50. You can add bacon or sausage to the bun for a few dollars as well.

I really loved this! The bun was soft but also slightly crispy from being toasted, the beans were creamy and had a great flavour and the cheese, well cheese is always good. The salsa gave it a bit of freshness and spice and I was so happy I got the guacamole as it was a gorgeous addition and ULTRA creamy. This is a must add in my opinion.

Overall it was an inexpensive and really delicious brunch. The coffee is bottomless which works well on a Sunday morning. Definitely try out the Waldorf the next time you are in East Vancouver. One thing that would have been nice is some Spanish music/guitar during brunch. That would have really made it pop!

Desayuno Brunch Mexicana takes place on Saturdays and Sundays 11am-4pm

The Waldorf Hotel
1489 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V5L 1S4
Ph: 604-253-7141 ‎


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