Miura Waffle & Milk Bar on Davie St.

20 Feb

I decided to try something new for lunch the other day, and had heard good things about Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Davie St. (near Howe St.). They do waffle sandwiches (sweet and savory about $6.49 each) and have a great selection of flavoured milks (starting at just $2.99).

I went for the veggie ($6.49) and made it a combo (only $2 more gets you a 12oz coffee and a soup).

The Veggie sandwich is freshly made right on the waffle grill in front on you. It has 3 types of mushrooms and a good amount of cheese sandwiched between fresh waffles (they put spinach in the middle of the waffles themselves as well which is really great!). I would have loved to have more spinach in mine to balance out the greasy waffle. The waffles are incredibly fresh and taste quite light overall. But they are waffles so they are a bit greasier than what I normally enjoy for lunch.

The soup that day was a yam miso soup which was an interesting flavour, but having a creamy soup, with the heavy sandwich was a bit much for me. I enjoyed it but wasn’t in love.

The coffee was too strong for my taste, but if you like REALLY strong coffee, this is the place for you.

I felt the wait time was a little longer than was needed, especially on a short lunch break from the office. The couple that owns it are really lovely, and there was several regulars talking to them the entire time I was there. If people keep coming back for more you know it’s good.

If you are looking for a light lunch, you could come here just for the soup. If you want to stuff yourself for under $10 this is also the place for you!

Miura Waffle Milk Bar
829 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1B7
(604) 687-2909 ‎



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