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Miura Waffle & Milk Bar on Davie St.

20 Feb

I decided to try something new for lunch the other day, and had heard good things about Miura Waffle Milk Bar on Davie St. (near Howe St.). They do waffle sandwiches (sweet and savory about $6.49 each) and have a great selection of flavoured milks (starting at just $2.99).

I went for the veggie ($6.49) and made it a combo (only $2 more gets you a 12oz coffee and a soup).

The Veggie sandwich is freshly made right on the waffle grill in front on you. It has 3 types of mushrooms and a good amount of cheese sandwiched between fresh waffles (they put spinach in the middle of the waffles themselves as well which is really great!). I would have loved to have more spinach in mine to balance out the greasy waffle. The waffles are incredibly fresh and taste quite light overall. But they are waffles so they are a bit greasier than what I normally enjoy for lunch.

The soup that day was a yam miso soup which was an interesting flavour, but having a creamy soup, with the heavy sandwich was a bit much for me. I enjoyed it but wasn’t in love.

The coffee was too strong for my taste, but if you like REALLY strong coffee, this is the place for you.

I felt the wait time was a little longer than was needed, especially on a short lunch break from the office. The couple that owns it are really lovely, and there was several regulars talking to them the entire time I was there. If people keep coming back for more you know it’s good.

If you are looking for a light lunch, you could come here just for the soup. If you want to stuff yourself for under $10 this is also the place for you!

Miura Waffle Milk Bar
829 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1B7
(604) 687-2909 ‎


3 year olds can be insanely amazing

19 Feb

I saw this video on the blog of one of my favourite artists, Esthero ( and I had to share it.

3-year-old recites poem, “Litany” by Billy Collins

Also, check out this amazing song by Esthero who just blows my mind all the time! Singing an unreleased song (that I badly want on my ipod!) If I didn’t have faith

One more… Black Mermaid! Love this!

Delicious food, trendy atmosphere at Terracotta

14 Feb

Walking in to Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant in Gastown, I knew right away I was about to have a very trendy experience. Sometimes when places are too trendy the food tends to suffer, so I was a little nervous but excited for them to prove me wrong. It’s always a bit scary for me trying some place new. You never know what to order and if you will be utterly unimpressed or left dying for more. It’s one of the main reasons I have a terrible tendency to have the same dinner night after night (Sushi!). This was a pleasant surprise.

We sat down at a small table on the upper level of the restaurant, the hostess who brought us to our table was really sweet, our server was really sweet also but seemed like she may have been either a bit clueless about the menu or many she was really new? She was really sweet but wasn’t really able to lead us in the right direction with regards to the menu. Luckily we made our way through

My friend Laura started with an amazing drink called the Chun-Li (Blueberry Stoli, Hpnotiq, Blue Liquer with fresh Dragon Fruit $9.50) it looked amazing. It was a bit sweet for her taste but she wanted to try something new.

I just had a glass of shiraz which was really nice at $10.

I am vegetarian and so did not have the opportunity to try any of the seafood or meat items. Others ordered them at surrounding tables and they looked nice. My friend had the prawn rolls (Prawn stuffed Bean Curd Rolls (Made in house) $7.50-which as reported from her were very good), and the Siu Mai (House Made Pork, Prawn and Mushroom Dumplings $7.50- these she was not a huge fan of, she said they tasted like they weren’t fully cooked and also they came with fish roe on top which she was not a fan of so she could not finish them sadly). She was also Stuffed so that was also a factor. She suggested that it was just her personal taste buds and not the dish per say. She would have liked it to be a bit less “seafood tasting” and more of the cooked pork.

I had two veg dishes! They were both amazing and I ordered some rice on the side.
First up was the Szechuan Green Beans (Wok Tossed Green Beans, Mild Heat and Complex Flavour $9.00) They were SO GOOD! I loved these, I always go for the green beans when I have Chinese (well not that, that is all that often!) They were sweet, spicy and FULL of flavour. This I would recommend AND get again and again. If you are at a table with a few people you should definitely order more than one order as everyone will want some.

I also ordered the Red Chili Tofu (Egg Tofu served in Red Chili Sauce $8.00). This was also really great. The tofu was so soft, yet had a slight “crust” on the outside holding in all the juiciness from the chili sauce. The sauce was spicy and also had a nice saltiness to it. I was breaking up the pieces of tofu and eating them but that was becoming to time consuming, so I decided to just bite in to the pieces, and it actually made the taste EXPLODE in my mouth. I really enjoyed it and it even complimented the green beans really nice. I would have liked both of the dishes to be served with a spoon as it was a little difficult to get the sauce.

The amazing owner of Terracotta, Eric, was kind enough to bring us two Aloe Vodka shots. These were AMAZING we really loved them. I recommend having these both before AND after your dinner. They were sweet and the light taste of Aloe was just a perfect finish to the meal.

It was a great meal all and all! I am looking forward to returning and trying some other items and hopefully coming with a larger group so I can order even more and try other things. I really want to try their Chivas and Green Tea. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, so I didn’t go for it, but maybe next time I will be a bit more adventurous. It was a fairly relaxing environment, they have room for bigger groups and its an ideal place for a date. Super sexy atmosphere and the food isn’t too greasy so you don’t have to worry about being a bloatasaurus afterwards!

Terracotta Modern Chinese Restaurant
52 Alexander St.
Vancouver, BC
Terracotta is open Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm – Midnight

What to do/get for Valentine’s Day

8 Feb

Wondering what to do or what you should get that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Well February 14th is quickly coming up and I am sure you want to make this year special.

Provence Marinaside Restaurant in Yaletown will prepare a picnic for 2 for just $38 (picnic basket and all!). Take your special someone down by the water and enjoy! (check the weather report first, dress warm or if it isn’t the right weather try it inside). Baguette, antipasto, dessert YUM! You cannot go wrong!

Girls and guys both love food, so take your hunny to a cooking class! The Dirty Apron hosts some great classes that are most certainly worth it! They have an IT TAKES TWO class from 5:30-9:30pm on the 14th and all weekend too!

Want to get in your fitness while romanticizing your lova? Try snowshoeing in the evening finished with some amazing melt in your mouth fondue on Mt. Seymour. $55 per person.

Enjoy making your own truffles, decorating chocolate covered strawberries and wine will also be served while you make your creations! Light hors d’oevures will be served, all ladies will be presented with a complimentary heart shaped pralines gift box. $85 per person at SCHOKOLADE CHOCOLATE on East Hastings.

Your treatment begins with a side-by-side warm sugar body exfoliation, followed by a private shower and steam for two. End your treatment with side-by-side relaxation massages.90 min / $320 or 120 min / $420. This is something that the ladies will love. Make your bookings with VIDA SPA

There is nothing better than helping others, and nothing sweeter than spending time with animals. For the animal lovers, try doing some good for the animals, volunteer to spend some time with the cats, bunnies and small animals or take a dog for a walk. VISIT THE SPCA to sign up

Illuminate Yaletown Feb.11 & 12th

4 Feb

For two nights only, on the evenings of February 11th and 12th, the Yaletown Business Improvement Association will host illuminate Yaletown – a community wide collection of contemporary light-art installations. The highly anticipated, second annual, free winter street party will feature over twenty-four new, never-before-seen light-based design installations, including a three-storey “twitterfall,” visual sound clouds, and a number of interactive new media displays. During the evenings Mainland Street will remain closed for pedestrians, as an expected 25,000 people take to the streets each night to celebrate illuminate Yaletown 2011 and help commemorate the one year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Games.

Photo credit: Vasho Pekar

This event will be amazing be sure to check it out! Here are some more details:

WHEN: Friday, February 11 to Saturday, February 12, 2011 5:59PM to 10:30PM

WHERE: Yaletown Heritage District – at participating businesses along Mainland and Hamilton Streets, between Davie and Nelson

To learn more about illuminate Yaletown

About the Yaletown BIA:

The Yaletown Business Improvement Association is an organization that works to further the development of the community by committing to the improvement of the environment and promoting it as a must-see destination to visit. There are over 900 businesses and 530 commercial properties that are represented by the Yaletown BIA. Over the last 10 years, the Yaletown BIA has undertaken projects such as fostering economic development, reducing property taxes, hosting the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and promoting the safety of its streets in order to create a leading business district in Vancouver.

The Great Digital Film Festival this week at the Scotiabank Theatre

4 Feb

The Great Digital Film Festival 2011 starts today, February 4th and runs until Thursday February 10th! Watch some of your favorite movies from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s at the Scotiabank Theatre!!! LOVE this! I am hoping to get a seat if I am lucky! But I am guessing tickets are already sold out! Vancouver loves movies.

Here is what is playing:
Friday Feb.4:
Back to the Future at 3:45pm, Alien at 6:30pm, Aliens at 9:10pm, Predator at 11:59pm

Saturday Feb.5:
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring 12:00pm, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 3:30pm, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 7:00pm, Big Trouble in Little China 11:59pm

Sunday Feb.6:
The Goonies 1:00pm, Ghost 4:00pm, Dirty Dancing 7:00pm, The Usual Suspects 9:30pm

Monday Feb.7:
Alien 1:00pm, Aliens 4:00pm, This is Spinal Tap 7:00pm, The Blues Brothers 9:10pm

Tuesday Feb.8:
Raging Bull 1:00pm, The Goonies 4:00pm, Back to the Future 7:00pm, 12 Monkeys 9:40pm

Wednesday Feb.9:
This is Spinal Tap 1:00pm, The Blues Brothers 3:30pm, Lethal Weapon 7:00pm, The Hunt For Red October 9:30pm

Thursday Feb.10:
Ghost 1:00pm, The Usual Suspects 4:00pm, Raging Bull 6:50pm, Fight Club 9:45pm

For more info visit:

900 Burrard Street
BC, V6Z 3G5
(604) 630-1407

General (14-64) $12.99
Child (3-13) $10.50
Senior (65+) $10.50