Bandidas Vegetarian Taqueria on Commercial Drive

30 Jan

I have been dying to try out Bandidas on Commercial Drive for quite awhile. Since I am a vegetarian, trying to find yummy places to eat can sometimes be a challenge. This place makes it easy for vegetarians and vegans alike.

I stumbled in to Bandidas around 1:30pm on a Saturday for Brunch. I was in dire need for food by this time after opting for a Saturday morning sleep in (which I rarely allow myself to do!) and was so excited to see a seat wide open when I arrived.

We got seated right away and made a decision on what to have pretty quickly. There were two of us and we ordered The Breakfast ($8-Free range eggs, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, purple cabbage salad, and fresh salsa, served with cornbread and honey butter.) I added the guacamole ($1.75) and had it made vegan style which means instead of eggs, a mash of butternut squash and tofu. And we also ordered the Huevos Rancheros ($11-Free range eggs on hand-made corn tortillas with our ranchera sauce, sour cream, pinto beans, roasted yams and potatoes, and purple cabbage salad.) and two coffees ($2 each and refils are FREE!).

It took about 15 minutes for the coffee and the food to come. It was pretty busy, but I was still a little put off how long it took to get the coffee, nevertheless it came with the food (the food was fast I just would have liked to get my coffee a bit sooner), and they even thought to bring me some soy milk for my coffee without me asking.

The Huevos Rancheros was good, but not amazing. It did the job of filling you up, but the flavours just weren’t that amazing.

The Breakfast was also just OK. It was a big slosh of stuff, all tasted good, but none blew me away. I did really enjoy the potatoes. They had a little but of rosemary and also had a big piece of roasted garlic which is not something you see everyday. It was a great touch and I adore roasted garlic. The cornbread and honey butter was delicious and the coffee was nice and strong. It filled me up on my lazy Saturday and what more could I ask for?

Would I come here again for brunch? Not likely. I would like to try them out in the evening though, some of their dinner items looked like they were worth trying out. If you are a vegetarian or vegan try this place out. It may be just what you are in to. The prices are good and the french toast sounded like it was worth a try.
Brunch is served from 10am-3pm daily.

Bandidas Taqueria
2781 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4c5
Phone: 604.568.8224

Sunday – Thursday
10am – 11pm
Friday and Saturday
10am – Midnight


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