Charm Dine Out Vancouver Menu Preview

13 Jan

I was lucky enough to be invited to experience a preview of the Dine Out Vancouver menu at Charm Modern Thai in Yaletown. This is already one of my favorite places to go, so I was eager to check out the menu.
NOTE: I am a vegetarian, and unfortunately they do not offer a veggie menu for their Dine Out Vancouver, but the fine staff at Charm were nice enough to bring out a veggie and tofu Panang Curry for me! I was able to get some photos (and some feedback from the Food bloggers in attendance) of the menu items.

They started us off with some delicious red and white wine and a white wine sangria (I sadly did not get a photo of that)

then came a tower of their appetizers! There are 3 to chose from, Tiger Prawn Satay Marinated prawn satay sticks, Duck Sticks Fried duck confit spring rolls served with a wok roasted chilli sauce or Rock Pepper with Garlic Prawns Spice rubbed rock pepper with garlic prawns.

Next we moved on to the main dishes which all looked amazing! There are three choices and they are: Green Tea Chicken Pan seared green tea and lemongrass marinated organic chicken breast with orange and ginger glaze served with sautéed vegetables, Coconut Cream Scallops Grilled Japanese jumbo scallops drizzled with coconut cream sauce served with seasonal vegetables or Salmon Linguine Pan seared salmon with linguine in a medium spiced Thai green curry. The consensus was that the Green Tea Chicken was delicious with really yummy skin, and the Coconut Cream Scallops seemed to be everyone’s favourite.

@DennisPang and @Followmefoodie digging in!

@tinhead pondering over the menu

Here is a photo of my delicious veggie panang curry! It is always amazing! Spicy and sweet and creamy all at once. leaves you wanting more.

We then had dessert (the best part in my opinion and a part which I could take part in). The three choices were: Chocolate Chilli Torte, Vanilla Bean Tapioca or Homemade Thai Tea Ice Cream. The chocolate chilli torte came out with sweet wontons and it was very delicious. The dark chocolate hits you right away and then the chilli comes at you afterwards. The Vanilla Bean Tapioca was warm and lightly sweet. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a light dessert. My favorite was the Thai Tea Ice cream which was amazing! I could have kept eating it!

Dine Out Vancouver runs from January 24th to February 6th, 2011
You can make reservations HERE

Charm Modern Thai and Bar
1269 Hamilton Street Vancouver 604-688-9339


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