My Prophouse Cafe Experience

2 Dec

I am a downtown girl, and I live in a downtown world. However…. I finally decided to venture over to Commercial Drive last weekend. I entered Prophouse Cafe (located at 1636 Venables St.) and was in AWE! This place is like nothing I have ever seen! You walk in and what looks like a small cafe (with some delicious pastries and food options) and see that up the stairs, there is a huge room FILLED with… well… props I guess you could say! Its like your Grandma’s basement times a million! Kitchy kitchy kitchy! And its amazing.

I ordered a lemon and blueberry loaf and also a London Fog (I ended up getting a vanilla latte by accident, but it tasted great so I didn’t bother saying anything). The loaf was INSANE it was jam packed with blueberries and incredibly fresh. They also have tons of different mugs to serve the drinks. They are so great!

Within the sitting area, there is an abundance of panther memorabilia, crazy lights, insane artwork, books that you can read, a stack of 8 tracks, a music station with a microphone, piano, guitars and more, really interesting tables and chairs, an area with TONS of records and you can go up and put on whatever you want!

While I was enjoying my coffee a guy went up to the piano and started playing several Beatles songs! It was so great. I also of course had to take a picture with the coolest old phone!!!

I really recommend stopping by this one of a kind cafe just off Commercial Drive. Check them out online at


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