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The Tapa Bar, Victoria BC

30 Dec

I am often in Victoria as my family lives there. I normally eat out a lot when I’m there but have a tendency to visit the same places. My friend suggested the Tapa Bar to me and at first I wasn’t sure, but I agreed since I love trying new things and wanted to veer away from my usual spots for a change.

Walking in to The Tapa Bar in Victoria makes you feel immediately cozy, with the smells wafting at you as you enter, you can’t help but be lured in. The dimmed lighting, Spanish music, sounds of people talking and laughter all add to its charm. This Spanish themed restaurant is centered around its mantra of “Food to Share”. It features the gorgeous artwork by Mexican/Canadian Artist Luis Merino which you can see all over the restaurant. I was lucky enough to enjoy some of what The Tapa Bar has to offer on a chilly night in
December and I was blown away by the experience.

We started the evening off with a bottle of VQA wine at the reasonable price of just $28, their small selection of wines really does have something for everyone without breaking the bank. I can’t remember the name of the wine unfortunately but it was a delicious red medium body jewel! After enjoying a few sips we looked over the menu and decided on some vegetarian tapas (as I don’t eat meat). They were all AMAZING.

We enjoyed their Mixed Olives first (which are marinated in house). At just $3 this is a treat not to be missed! They come served in olive oil, fresh basil and include some roasted garlic. All that is good enough, but throw in the foccacia that is included and its perfect for soaking up the yummy oil and basil afterward! The flavours were so rich I wanted to order more… but I didn’t! I had to save room.

Next we tried their Chile Relleno (roasted poblano pepper, stuffed with cheese & salsa fresca on a corn tortilla topped with sour cream $8.50 ) the heat from the pepper paired with the fresh salsa, salty cheese and creamy sour cream was a taste sensation!

We then moved on to the Tostada (crisp corn tortilla topped with salsa verde, mushrooms & goat cheese $8.50 ) which was my favorite! The earthy mushrooms were flavored just right and made me savor each and every bite!

Last but not least we decided to go for some dessert and splurged with their Crème Brule Trio! $8. It featured a vanilla, chocolate and coconut brule, each bursting with flavor and crunchy/creamy texture!

After all this amazing food, I most definitely opted to skip the cab and walk (well roll) myself home. You must try this place if you make your way down Trounce Alley in Victoria! It is a great place for a date, dinner with friends, or a place to take the parents/in laws alike!

The Tapa Bar
620 Trounce Alley
Victoria, BC V8W 1K3
(250) 383-0013

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“Tears in the Dark” by Graph Gonzales

17 Dec

I just had to share this track! The latest and greatest from Graph Gonzales is a HOT song called “Tears in the Dark”. It was produced by local multi talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer Chin Injeti. This song will get stuck in your head immediately and make you want to get up and shake it.

I am really obsessed with this! I want an album out STAT so I can rock out to this 24/7!

Check out this other amazing song from her group Idle Warship (it includes Res and Talib Kweli) called “Bedroom Lites”

Learn more about Graph HERE

What do you think of this hair?

8 Dec

I’m getting my hair cut/coloured tomorrow by the amazing Katie Rose at Rain Hair Salon

I know I am going for bright all over blonde, but I also want to go a bit short… I need your help! What do you guys think of this cut!???

Please comment on here or on twitter @VancityAmy!!!! Or link to another short doo that you think would suit me!!!:)


On the Cheap Gift Ideas for the Holidays

8 Dec

Besides buying everyone in my family coupons from group buying sites like or I keep coming across great gift ideas and wanted to put them all in one place for everyone to see! Take a look at some things I am dying for, and some things I know my family/friends are dying for!

Free Hand Gloves

These gloves are amazing! The fingertips are made of conductive polyamide with silver plating to conduct electric energy from your fingers. The palm is covered in silicone for easy griping. Only $24

For a girlier version, try Echo Gloves They’re actually available on BC Ferries or online!

Whiskey Stones

Fan of Whiskey? Want it on the rocks without watering it down? Try Whiskey stones! They are a great gift for the Whiskey drinker in your family! about $20 for 6. Find them HERE

Chardonnay Frizzante from 8th Generation Vineyard

This delicious sparkling Chardonnay from 8th Generation Vineyard is so yum! Its not sweet like you would expect, rather has a Prosecco taste to it. A great gift at just $20

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener

This amazing tool removes dirt, oil, hair etc from your razor blade and extend the life of your blade up to 150 shaves! This is a great gift for the men in your life at just $25!

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Adaline & Frederick’s “Let’s Stay Inside”

8 Dec

Adaline, who is from Vancouver and was recently signed to new label, Light Organ Records, has released a Christmas song with Frederick on the album’s debut compilation Christmas album called “Our First Christmas”.

Check out this GORGEOUS song “Let’s Stay Inside”

Buy the compilation CD HERE on iTunes

My Prophouse Cafe Experience

2 Dec

I am a downtown girl, and I live in a downtown world. However…. I finally decided to venture over to Commercial Drive last weekend. I entered Prophouse Cafe (located at 1636 Venables St.) and was in AWE! This place is like nothing I have ever seen! You walk in and what looks like a small cafe (with some delicious pastries and food options) and see that up the stairs, there is a huge room FILLED with… well… props I guess you could say! Its like your Grandma’s basement times a million! Kitchy kitchy kitchy! And its amazing.

I ordered a lemon and blueberry loaf and also a London Fog (I ended up getting a vanilla latte by accident, but it tasted great so I didn’t bother saying anything). The loaf was INSANE it was jam packed with blueberries and incredibly fresh. They also have tons of different mugs to serve the drinks. They are so great!

Within the sitting area, there is an abundance of panther memorabilia, crazy lights, insane artwork, books that you can read, a stack of 8 tracks, a music station with a microphone, piano, guitars and more, really interesting tables and chairs, an area with TONS of records and you can go up and put on whatever you want!

While I was enjoying my coffee a guy went up to the piano and started playing several Beatles songs! It was so great. I also of course had to take a picture with the coolest old phone!!!

I really recommend stopping by this one of a kind cafe just off Commercial Drive. Check them out online at