Data Romance-Bones

17 Nov

Local Vancouver BC group, Data Romance, has just released a new single and video for ‘Bones’.

Their sound is definitely a pop, dance, electro mix. It has the ability to whisk you away to another place, as its fairly mellow in nature.

This is their bio from their website:
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.

-We are Ajay and Amy.
-We used to be called Names.
-Now we’re called Data Romance.
-We’re from Vancouver.
-We formed in 2009.
-We love you for coming here.
-We sometimes use a monome.
-We sometimes score for film.

Check out the video for their new single. Its a very simple concept, but still fun to watch!

This song (bones) isn’t a favourite of mine. I really enjoy their song ‘Swept Away’ which you can listen to on Myspace
This song really reminds me of one of my favs Imogen Heap! Love it!
I can expect that many more great whispy, melodical songs will come from this group soon! Watch out for them and follow them on twitter @Dataromance
While you’re at it, follow me too! @VancityAmy


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