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Jocko the Dog is missing in Nanaimo please help!

19 Nov

A family members AMAZING doggy Jocko has vanished from their home in Nanaimo. If you can please spread this posting around to anyone you know on Vancouver Island in the area in and around Nanaimo please and thank you.

Here are the details they posted:

Help us find Jocko
Our wonderful black lab has gone missing since November 16th. If you know anyone in Nanaimo, we are trying to get the word out in this area:
Jocko is a male black lab/retriever cross· Has a white patch on his chest · Is wearing a red collar · Has a tattoo in his ear

If you have any information about Jocko, please call us at 250-591-8474 or 250-591-8471 If you can’t reach us please call: · The SPCA: 250-758-8444 (hours 12:00 to 4:00 PM) · City Pound: 250-754-1397 (24 hrs)
Thanks for the help in bringing our well-loved friend home safely.

Please do anything you can to help! It would mean a lot!



Georgia Murray-Crazy (Gnarles Barkley Cover)

17 Nov

Victoria BC Singer/Songwriter Georgia Murray, rocking this cover of Crazy by Gnarles Barkley! SO GOOD! Just watch to be blown away!

Data Romance-Bones

17 Nov

Local Vancouver BC group, Data Romance, has just released a new single and video for ‘Bones’.

Their sound is definitely a pop, dance, electro mix. It has the ability to whisk you away to another place, as its fairly mellow in nature.

This is their bio from their website:
Data Romance exist to serve your ears and eyes.

-We are Ajay and Amy.
-We used to be called Names.
-Now we’re called Data Romance.
-We’re from Vancouver.
-We formed in 2009.
-We love you for coming here.
-We sometimes use a monome.
-We sometimes score for film.

Check out the video for their new single. Its a very simple concept, but still fun to watch!

This song (bones) isn’t a favourite of mine. I really enjoy their song ‘Swept Away’ which you can listen to on Myspace
This song really reminds me of one of my favs Imogen Heap! Love it!
I can expect that many more great whispy, melodical songs will come from this group soon! Watch out for them and follow them on twitter @Dataromance
While you’re at it, follow me too! @VancityAmy

Keenan Cahill featuring 50 Cent from Chelsea Lately

13 Nov

So just watch this… I am so happy… life is good…. 50 cent is a good good man…. I am so so happy and will be watching this on repeat.

I have no words, just a huge smile

Eric Malapad Grooving Class at Harbour Dance Centre

8 Nov

If you are looking for me on Thursday you can almost always bet that I am at Harbour Dance Centre at my fav class, Grooving with Eric Malapad. This class is a class that teaches you how to flow, how to be comfortable and teaches you the special intricacies which will take your dancing to the next level. Its great for dancers of all experience levels, and is also a great workout!

I have been attending this class for about 2 years since the very first class and very rarely will I miss it! It is such a great time and you really will improve if you work hard!

Check out this video of Eric talking about the class, how he got into dancing himself. Also catch some class footage at the end of the video!

Peak Performance Project 2010 FINALE

8 Nov

The top 3 in the Peak Performance Project were announced earlier in the week. They are (in no particular order) Kyprios, Said the Whale and Vince Vaccaro!


For those of you who do not know, The PPP is the largest contest of its kind in the country. Over a 5 year span, the project (put on by the Peak and Music BC) will be giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to supporting and nurturing BC musicians. Each year 20 artists will have the chance to attend the P3 Bootcamp, take part in several challenges, and have the opportunity to win $100,500!

Last year We are the City took the lead. This year Kyprios, Said the Whale and Vince Vaccaro are all vying for the top prize, however they all walk away with some prize money to put toward their career. The 1st place artist will receive $100,500, 2nd is $75,000, 3rd is $50,000.

Said the Whale

They will be doing their final showcase at the Commodore Ballroom on November 18th where they will announce the winner! Tickets are just $18.85 and available ONLINE

Vince Vacarro


One To Watch: K.A.Y.

8 Nov

photo from her Myspace

I first heard KAY play with Chin Injeti at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver back in the spring of 2010. The entire room was instantly drawn to her, she has that IT factor you always hear about and is not afraid to share it. The second you hear her sing-rap vocals, mixed with electro, hip hop, pop vibes you are instantly up on your feet and she has that power to make you stay there.

Kay trades her time between L.A. and Vancouver, making music with some heavy hitters in both places such as Chin Injeti in Vancouver, DJ Tiesto, and even working with songwriter Billy Steinberg (who in case you don’t know wrote a tiny song called LIKE A VIRGIN).

This girl is a HUGE flame in a tiny package! She is currently signed to Interscope Records, and is sure to be a household name soon. Keep your eyes open for her cause she is definitely one to watch!

Learn more about KAY on her MYSPACE or follow her on twitter @kaymusik

My lunch at Gorilla Food

1 Nov

I have been trying for months to get to Gorilla Food but I can never seem to make it during their business hours. Finally this past Saturday, I was able to stop in to enjoy some of their fine vegan, raw delights!

Gorilla Food is located near Richards and West Pender St. at 101 – 436 Richards Street to be exact. They feature an entirely vegan and raw menu which may throw some people off, but it is nothing short of fabulous.

When I first walked down the stairs and in to this small cafe style restaurant, there were only a few others there. I ordered, and was then informed they were cash only as I was pulling out my debit card. Fortunately though, there is an ATM right next door, or several others in the nearby area. I went to get cash, and then returned. The girl working was nice enough to put in my order while I was away. I decided to order the Morroccan Rawkin Olive “Pizza” ($8) which is a dehydrated, wheat-free and gluten-free sprouted sunflower seed, buckwheat and carrot, flax seed crust, topped with a sun-dried tomato herb sauce and a heavy handful of tenderized kale veggie mix-up, then has a scoop of black olive tapenade and then topped with spicy crushed chili almonds.

I also went with the Helio Tropic smoothie ($6) which is bananas, orange juice, pineapple, kale.

There were tons of amazing looking cookies, pies, chocolates and more there, but I figured what I ordered would be more than enough!

I went to sit down, the initial table I chose was SO wobbly so luckily other tables were available and I quickly moved to another. Once seated, I only waited about 5-7 minutes for everything to be ready which was brought out to me right away.

The food looked great and I was ready to dig in. I first tried the smoothie which was so full of flavour and completely blended, I actually could hardly taste the kale, which usually when I put kale in my smoothies at home, I can really taste, so that was kind of nice.

Next I cut in to the pizza! Which was an amazing flavour. The nuts really did have almost a cheese flavour. I was told this was one of the yummier items on the menu, so give it a try if you like olives!

I was so amazed by the great tastes going on in my mouth, also, as I was eating the placed filled up, all the seats were taken and more and more people kept coming in. One family liked the sound of the menu, until they heard that it was all raw and then they left pretty quick! If only they had tried!!! I was also amazed that I was full for HOURS after, probably until at least 6pm (I went in a 12 noon).

I will definitely go back to this place and take more friends with me who may be skeptical! Gorilla Food is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00AM until 7:00PM. Closed Sundays. Be sure to swing by on your next lunch break! You will not be disappointed.