CAYA-Come As You Are Now Open at Davie & Howe

28 Oct

Last Friday was the grand opening of the brand new Telus flagship store called CAYA (Come As You Are), which caters to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, transgendered and queer community. Neatly hidden at the corner of Davie and Howe St. this store is the first of its kind, and a truly fresh and groundbreaking concept for the way we purchase our mobile phones and accessories.

Designed with elegance in mind, the store features 20 foot ceilings, designer EVERYTHING, amazing lighting, photos and more.

Another cool feature about the store is that it will also be used as a space for Community events! All the display cases for the phones are on rollers so they can easily be moved out of the way for fundraising events etc.

On top of all this, the store has a ‘Giving Wall.’ You can drop $2 into a slot and the money goes directly to a program called Out in Schools, which is a program to help make students safe from bullying and homophobia.

Giving Wall donors are recognized on video screens inside and outside Caya, and on their website,

There is also another store under construction in Gastown that will open soon.

Stop by the store to support and give the the Giving Wall!


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