Adaline Scavenger Hunt

4 Oct

This past Saturday October 2nd, was the street team event for Adaline! It was an amazing scavenger hunt which started out at the Peak’s office and went all day through downtown. There were about 7 teams in total, and all the teams had to solve clues given at certain check points and also complete other challenges along the way. Some of these challenges included, giving flowers to strangers, taking an embarrassing photo with “Adaline” (cardboard cutouts of her head!), chalk VOTE ADALINE all over the city, and other things of this nature. Luckily we were blessed with a gorgeous day and tons of great people which made the long day seem much shorter! Here are a few photos of the amazing event. Also check out @adalinefans on twitter to view ALL the photos from the day (there were hundreds!) or search hashtag #peakpp

Adaline Embarrassed

Hooka smoking Adaline

Sing with a local busker

Give a flower to a stranger

Team shot by a statue

team shot!

Picture with a yellow car

another team shot!

Pink VOTE ADALINE balloons on Granville St. Bridge (we were zooming in the car driving past them! I cannot believe I got the photo!)

There are just SO many great shots and you may even see some faces you know, including celebs! So go take a look at #peakpp on twitter to see ALL the amazing photos from the event!


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