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Night is Young video by Nelly Furtado

30 Oct

Sorry for the Nelly overload today, but here is her new video for “Night is Young”, her first english single! The video also features a cameo by another Canadian songstress Fefe Dobson.
I am really looking forward to Nelly’s next album!!!

Let me know what you think!


New Nelly Furtado!

30 Oct

Nelly has released a new “spanglish” version or her song “Fuerte” from her spanish album Mi Plan.
The video is crazy hot and also features Spanish singer Concha Buika.

Check the vid out!

CAYA-Come As You Are Now Open at Davie & Howe

28 Oct

Last Friday was the grand opening of the brand new Telus flagship store called CAYA (Come As You Are), which caters to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, transgendered and queer community. Neatly hidden at the corner of Davie and Howe St. this store is the first of its kind, and a truly fresh and groundbreaking concept for the way we purchase our mobile phones and accessories.

Designed with elegance in mind, the store features 20 foot ceilings, designer EVERYTHING, amazing lighting, photos and more.

Another cool feature about the store is that it will also be used as a space for Community events! All the display cases for the phones are on rollers so they can easily be moved out of the way for fundraising events etc.

On top of all this, the store has a ‘Giving Wall.’ You can drop $2 into a slot and the money goes directly to a program called Out in Schools, which is a program to help make students safe from bullying and homophobia.

Giving Wall donors are recognized on video screens inside and outside Caya, and on their website,

There is also another store under construction in Gastown that will open soon.

Stop by the store to support and give the the Giving Wall!

The perfect rainboot for Vancouver’s rainy season

26 Oct

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect rain boot. I could of course go with the classic HUNTER rain boot, but I don’t know if I am wanting to spend the $150+ on rain boots. Still undecided, although I would look great in a pair of these:

(available at basically all shoe stores in downtown Vancouver)

On my search, I have so far come across the pricey, the in between and the ultra cheap. Here are some of my favs so far:

Payless rainboots $29.99

Although I am not a big fan of pink and black together, these are cute, inexpensive and a great way to combat the rain on a budget!

Aldo has some really lovely crocodile printed ones right now for $45

These ones are basically a rip off of the Jimmy Chou ones made for Hunter, but I am not complaining. These are the ones I am leaning to so far, decent price, cute and rain proof.

Kamik Ellie Boots in Eggplant from Gum Drops on 4th Ave. $85

These gorgeous boots come in many colours and are still in the more reasonable price zone, loving them!

Also at GumDrops on 4th are these classy looking Dav English Quilted Gunmetal rain boots for $85

If you’re not in the mood for boots, try the rain flats by Dav, also available at Gum Drops for just $29

There are so many cute boots I am not sure how to decide which ones to get!!! Which do you like best?? Tell me by leaving a comment here or follow me on twitter and let me know @VancityAmy

The Apple Barn and Pumpkin Farm Abbotsford

22 Oct

Every time fall rolls around I get this serious urge for apples! I love going apple picking come fall, and there is a GREAT place to do this just outside of Vancouver in Abbotsford. I have been going every year that I have been in Vancouver, but I wont make it this year:(

The farm has been open for 20 years and is owned by the Taves Family. At the farm they have U-Pick Apples of various varieties, U-pick pumpkins, a petting zoo, bees, a pumpkin gun, a big jumping pillow, hay rides, caramel apples, pies, apple cider and much more!

The Apple Barn is open from September 1st until November 8th for U-pick Apples, but they are open in the winter as well until December 23rd and have different winter activities happening.
They are located at 333 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford, BC and are well worth the drive out there.

For more information visit

(photos taken from the applebarn website)

New Joe Fresh on Granville St.

18 Oct

So it took me a few days to make it down, but I finally made it! I have been so excited for Joe Fresh to come to downtown Vancouver, I just had to take the opportunity to get over there!
It was fairly late in the evening when I went in to the newly opened store (Grand opening was October 13th), so there weren’t so many people there which made for easy shopping in this spacious new store.
I made a few purchases, a cranberry coloured cardigan ($19.99), a silver/grey sparkly T-shirt with folded sleeves ($16), and a black buret ($8) STEAL! I wanted to pick up more but didn’t want to over do it!

They had so many great items, such as gloves for just $8, Pajamas for $10, bras for as low as $16! It truly does not get better! They had some really cute faux leather jackets for as little as $49 and some fabulous eye shadows for just $4 (I picked one up myself!).

Head on down to 540 Granville St. to check out the store.

Store hours are:

Mon to Fri – 10am – 9pm
Saturday – 10am – 8pm
Sunday – 11am – 7pm

Visit for more details!

What to do for Halloween 2010??

17 Oct

Looking for the hottest party to attend? The fiercest of the fierce? Look no further! Here is a list of some of the hottest parties that will be rocking this Halloween!

Saturday October 30th First of all, this party is FREE, this hotel is going to be amazing (recording studio, hair salon run by Barbarella etc.etc.), musicians, djs, visuals, hair and makeup being done by barbarella! WOW! get all the deets HERE

#2 Halloween Thrilla with Steamworks and Rogue Wet Bar
Saturday October 30th Featuring 2 venues, 5 rooms, Dj Kenya, SKLA, Siavash, Myles Bigelow, Thriller dance performances, musicians, cash prizes for costumes and more! GET TICKETS HERE

#3 HI-5 HALLOWEEN @ W2 Storyeum
Saturday October 30th 2 rooms jam packed with awesome!
Room 1 – Hip Hop : Soul : Reggae : Funk : Boogie :
– Hedspin (
– Speakerbruiser Rob (
– Kutcorners (
– Niña Mendoza (
– Bles-sed (

Room 2 – House : Disco : Techno:
– Ethnic Friends
– Cherk (
– Ajk

#4 Happy Ending Halloween at Fortune Sound Club
Friday October 29th The scariest and funkiest Halloween bash out there! Get more info and tickets HERE tickets just $15

#5 80’s Pop Icon Halloween Weekend at Library Square Public House
Saturday October 30th and Sunday October 31st Come get your 80’s on! Best Dressed wins prizes! Get your tickets HERE for just $10!


Wine and food pairing at the Hamilton St. Grill

14 Oct

A couple of weeks a go I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the Hamilton St. Grill’s monthly wine and food pairing. It is a early evening event that happens about once every month, usually showcasing a different vineyard and the amazing works of chef Neil Wyles and the other cooks at the HSG. This month, they were featuring 8th Generation Vineyard The food is just a sampling but you get enough that you feel full!

They sat us down at a long table which had about 10 people per side. The restaurant was empty at this time, making for a very intimate atmosphere.

We started off with a new release for the winery. A Chardonnay Frizzante style paired with prosciutto wrapped asparagus with crumbled goat cheese (mine didn’t have the prosciutto as I am vegetarian). I forgot to take a picture of the food because I was getting so hungry, but I got a shot of the wine which was so lovely! I would highly recommend taking a look at 8th generation’s website and purchasing this! at only $20 it is a bargain! This is the description from their website:
“You can easily call it BC’s “PROSECCO”. This bubbly is definitely the best start for brunch, dinner and everything in between. No oak, all pure fruit with a remarkable peach bouquet and a fresh & creamy mouth-feel.”

This Chardonnay also came in a very interesting frosted glass bottle which you can sort of see in the below photo of the Riesling! Or take a look at their website.

Moving on the the 2nd pairing we enjoyed a delicious Riesling with a scallop tartar. (I was made a delicious salad of baby arugula, candied pecans, and herbed goats cheese! YUM!)

The bottle

The Riesling was actually my favorite! I don’t usually enjoy white wines, but the apple flavour was lovely. It was not too sweet and dry enough that I truly enjoyed it. The taste paired with the salad was delicious!
Here is the description from their website:
“Intense exotic fruit aromas from our +20 year old vineyard greets your nose. Notes of mango, ripe pear & baked apple on the palate.”

Last but not least was the Merlot, which was my least fav wine, paired with THE BEST Gnocchi I have ever had! The wine was not superb on its own, but paired with this melt in your mouth gnocchi it was a match made in heaven! I have been dreaming about their gnocchi since this evening actually! I wish it was on their menu. The carmalized onions, mushrooms and some sort of sour cream was amazing!
The Merlot is also a new release, here is the description from the website:
“Pretty young but with a little bit of patience soon BLACK – BOLD & fruity! Rich black cherry fruit and cassis on the nose. A hint of spice and dark chocolate follow on the palate. The Merlot is full of character and an athletic body. The “Ironman” of our wine family. Aged 10 month in French oak barriques. Unfiltered. 433 cases produced.”

I would highly recommend getting on the Hamilton St. Grill’s mailing list to find out about the next event! The tickets are just $25 which really cannot be beat! Its a great time, a great way to meet new people and all and all a lot of fun!
Follow the HSG and 8th Generation on twitter @HamiltonStGrill @8thGenVineyard
You can also follow me on twitter @VancityAmy

What were those random Fireworks Sunday night?

4 Oct

There were some really sudden and seemingly random fireworks tonight down at Canada place that had everyone in the West End and Gastown wondering what was going on.

Excuse the bad photo!

It turns out they were for the IBA Annual Conference which started today (as reported by @CelebofLight on twitter)

Here I thought we were getting a second shot at summer!!! oh well! back to my cozies I go!

Sleep tight everyone!

Adaline Scavenger Hunt

4 Oct

This past Saturday October 2nd, was the street team event for Adaline! It was an amazing scavenger hunt which started out at the Peak’s office and went all day through downtown. There were about 7 teams in total, and all the teams had to solve clues given at certain check points and also complete other challenges along the way. Some of these challenges included, giving flowers to strangers, taking an embarrassing photo with “Adaline” (cardboard cutouts of her head!), chalk VOTE ADALINE all over the city, and other things of this nature. Luckily we were blessed with a gorgeous day and tons of great people which made the long day seem much shorter! Here are a few photos of the amazing event. Also check out @adalinefans on twitter to view ALL the photos from the day (there were hundreds!) or search hashtag #peakpp

Adaline Embarrassed

Hooka smoking Adaline

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