Vancouver Island Singer/Songwriter’s song stolen by Korean Pop sensation!

11 Sep

Local Vancouver Island singer/songwriter Georgia Murray was shocked to find out that her song “We’ll Never Know” had been completely plagiarized (except for new Korean lyrics and a rap added) after her friend said she thought she heard her song playing in a Korean restaurant! It turned out it was her song, redone by Korean Pop Star, Hyori Lee and renamed “swing” off her 2010 CD H-Logic.
Georgia’s song, along with about 6 other songs, have been removed from the record. Lee made a statement to her fans stating she had no idea Bahnus, the producer/songwriter who she received the songs from, had stolen them from other artists.

Take a look at Georgia Murray’s song “We’ll Never Know”:

Hyori Lee’s “Swing”:

Read more about these plagiarisms HERE and HERE

I have known Georgia for awhile, she has been singing forever and has some AMAZING SONGS. Georgia has been doing really well for herself, appearing on the TV show Boston Legal, and singing the National Anthem for both the Knicks and Rangers in New York and the Vancouver Canucks here in Vancouver. She has opened for some amazing acts such as K-os, Talib Kweli and more. Her amazing voice paired with the great production skills of D Whiz make for a great sonic experience.

Thank you to Georgia and Get Grounded TV for bringing this to my attention!


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