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Adaline City Scavenger hunt PRIZES!

26 Sep

The Peak Performance Project is now well underway, and the top 20 are doing all they can to be one of the top 3 contenders for the prize money. One of my favorites, Adaline has an amazing upcoming Street Team event taking place on Saturday October 2nd from 1-4pm. It’s a Scavenger Hunt!!

The hunt will start out at the Peak radio station office headquarters, and the rest, until the day of is top secret. There are a few things she is letting us know, you need to be signed up for twitter and twitpic before the event day and have a phone with social media capabilities, or have a digital camera, and a computer to upload the details when you get home! Not only is this going to be an incredibly fun event, its also an opportunity to win some MONEY plus cool Adaline surprises!

The prizes are:
1st Place: $200.00 CASH, a hangout session with Adaline, a song written and recorded about your team, signed CD’s and t-shirts.
2nd Place: $100.00 CASH, a hangout session with Adaline, signed CD’s and t-shirts.
3rd Place: $50.00 CASH, guest list spots to the “Neo-Noir” EP release
party at the Rio Theatre on November 26th. (Each team member gets to bring one person.), signed CD’s and t-shirts.
4th Place: Adaline will call each team member on their birthday and sing them Happy Birthday, signed CD’s and t-shirts
5th Place: Signed CD’s and T-Shirts.

There are several rules and other details which you can read about on the EVENT WALL

I was lucky enough to catch Adaline play for her PPP Showcase on Thursday September 23rd at the Red Room! She was unbelievable and blew away the entire crowd. Her new songs, which she debuted for us, were amazing and full of energy and very danceable. She did a fun and energetic cover of ‘Sunglasses at Night’, and even handed out black retro sunglasses with ADALINE on the sides! Keep watching for her new album (produced by the one and only Hawksley Workman) coming out soon!

Here’s Adaline’s video for ‘Whiter Straighter’ off Famous for Fire


Random West End Acrobatics

20 Sep

I was out and about this rainy Sunday afternoon in Vancouver, when I came across some sort of open house happening at Pender St and Thurlow St. in the West End. There was music happening and live acrobats! It was quite amazing to see two people hanging off the side of a building!

Anyone know what was happening?

Vancouver Island Singer/Songwriter’s song stolen by Korean Pop sensation!

11 Sep

Local Vancouver Island singer/songwriter Georgia Murray was shocked to find out that her song “We’ll Never Know” had been completely plagiarized (except for new Korean lyrics and a rap added) after her friend said she thought she heard her song playing in a Korean restaurant! It turned out it was her song, redone by Korean Pop Star, Hyori Lee and renamed “swing” off her 2010 CD H-Logic.
Georgia’s song, along with about 6 other songs, have been removed from the record. Lee made a statement to her fans stating she had no idea Bahnus, the producer/songwriter who she received the songs from, had stolen them from other artists.

Take a look at Georgia Murray’s song “We’ll Never Know”:

Hyori Lee’s “Swing”:

Read more about these plagiarisms HERE and HERE

I have known Georgia for awhile, she has been singing forever and has some AMAZING SONGS. Georgia has been doing really well for herself, appearing on the TV show Boston Legal, and singing the National Anthem for both the Knicks and Rangers in New York and the Vancouver Canucks here in Vancouver. She has opened for some amazing acts such as K-os, Talib Kweli and more. Her amazing voice paired with the great production skills of D Whiz make for a great sonic experience.

Thank you to Georgia and Get Grounded TV for bringing this to my attention!

Kyprios Challenge #1 in the Peak Performance Project

10 Sep

Kyprios has been around for awhile and has been a huge influence to many people in the Canadian music and specifically hip hop scene. In addition to being a solo artist he is also a member of Sweatshop Union (awesome!). He is currently living and creating in Vancouver, BC and is a top 20 contestant in the Peak Performance Project. The top 20 recently finished up their “PPP Bootcamp” and for those of you that don’t know, they have MANY huge tasks that they need to complete such as a viral video, giving back to the community etc. etc. and the list goes on and on! It is not an easy task.
Kyprios has started off the competition as a fierce competitor enlisting some celebrity assistance.

Check out this video of Kevin Durand (of my fav show LOST!) giving Kyprios a challenge.

“This is My Hit” by Kyprios (my fav of his!)

Check out more from Kyprios HERE

To learn more about the other top 20 in the PPP go HERE

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Robyn coming to Vancouver!

10 Sep

Back in the 90’s I loved “Show me Love” by Robyn, but after a couple of songs she kind of disappeared. Well she is back and better than ever. She is currently on repeat on my iPod and I am so thrilled that she will be coming to Vancouver this November.
She will be hitting Venue on November 19th, 2010! Tickets go on sale this Saturday!

Check out her video for her latest single “hang with me”

I seriously recommend picking up her latest album you will not stop dancing!

Cute/Funny Videos of the Week

9 Sep

Here are the cute and/or funny videos of the week! Some good ones that are must watch videos!

Dog risks life to save injured dog

Dog hitches a ride

Filipino Miss Universe Fan Freakout

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Davie Day Street Festival

3 Sep

On September 11th, 2010 its DAVIE DAY! Davie Street will be closed from Burrard to Broughton. There will be live entertainment and market stalls lining the street!

Not only is this a great event for everyone. It is also completely green

Visit for more information