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Hip Hop Production Master Class with Chin Injeti

31 Jul

Want to learn all about production from one of Canada’s hottest producer/musicians? Chin Injeti (formerly of Bass is Base and currently playing with the New Royales) will be teaching a Hip Hop Production Master Class at Nimbus School of Recording Arts August 14th and 15th.

Most recently Chin has contributed to the new Eminem record, Recovery and has worked with TONS of other big names in Hip Hop!

Check this video of Chin talking about the class, and what Nimbus means to him!

Make sure you sign up for the class HERE


More Cute/funny Videos

30 Jul

Another week, another set of cute/funny videos

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Vancouver Foodster 1 year Anniversary

29 Jul

Vancouver Foodster celebrated his one year anniversary in style with an amazing party at Canvas Lounge. Tickets were just $5 with 100% of the proceeds going to the Vancouver Foodbank.

There were tons of amazing restaurants serving samples of their amazing food:
Coast, Sanafir, Atithi, Hapa Izakaya, Maple Grill, Nimby Burger, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co, Wild Rice, Canvas Lounge, Benton Brothers Cheese, Bonchaz, Cake Tease, Vancouver Brownies, Xoxolat, Kafkas Coffee & Tea, Dao Tea, Vista D’oro Farms, Chandra Winery, Nichol Vineyard, Rollingdale Winery, Desert Hills Winery, and Neck of the Woods Wines.

My favorite was for sure Benton Brothers Cheese. They had some REALLY amazing cheese to sample!

Also, Cake Tease blew me away with their delicious cupcakes!

I was in love with the cold brew coffee from Kafkas Coffee and Tea. It was almost creamy! AMAZING Paired with a chocolate truffle Bonchaz bun… it was perfect.

My last favorite was the Rocky Mountain Flatbread. They had some great veggie flatbreads that were SO GOOD! I wanted more than just a little bite! The moment one was cooked, it was being eaten by many hungry people anxiously awaiting their first or second taste! They couldn’t even keep up!

All in all this event was a slam dunk and raised TONS of money raised!

Visit for more information and to read great reviews about local Vancouver restaurants!

Cute/Funny videos

20 Jul

I think every week or so, I will share some of my favorite You Tube videos. You know the ones you could just sit and watch over and over. Some will be cute, some will be funny, some will be inspirational and some may be offensive… all in all… you will enjoy in some capacity. Continue reading

Are you wearing TOMS yet?

19 Jul

I was shopping around Vancouver all weekend, looking at countless shoe stores, and longingly staring at the TOMS shoes. I REALLY want a pair, but have yet to decide on which print to get. That lead me to their website

There I was blown away by this amazing company. Not only do they make adorable, comfortable shoes, they also do something amazing. For every pair of shoes that is purchased, one pair is donated to someone in need.

It’s amazing to think that this is something that even exists. While most corporate companies are busy worrying about their bottom line, TOMS is worrying about making our world a little bit nicer, one shoe at a time. At this point, they have given away more than 600,000 pairs of shoes! AMAZING!

Watch this amazing, inspirational video, and be sure to visit their website to learn more, and purchase a pair of these shoes. You will look super hip and cool, and also be helping out someone who really needs it.

Needless to say, next weekend I will be most definitely picking up a pair!
Follow them on twitter at


15 Jul

House of Dreams has been selected as the winner of MTV’s Casting Call, and just finished filming season 1!
The show is made up of 3 Vancouverites Rosette, Eric Soloman and Tito Deville, all performers struggling to make it in the music biz.

Check out there video entry which won them their shot at their own reality show!

Here are the write ups about the stars of the show from
Tito Deville (Brotha); Hot upcoming Electro Rap/Rocker & club promoter whose love for everything Andy Warhol & Andre 3000 to Daft Punk & Outerspace has been the driving force behind his passion for music. A class clown at heart, he’s often caught dealing with cultural differences in his relationships.

Eric Solomon (Jewish); A Multi-Talented Singer/Musician/Producer whose traveled the world throughout performing music while also lived in some of the most harshest war zone cities on the planet. Also known as Mr Controversy for boldly saying outlandish things most wouldn’t dare, if he’s not writing & producing, he’s living it up somewhere with a female entourage.

Rosette (Indian); This Pop Princess/Dancer has had some of the most popular songs in North America & shared the stage with some of todays biggest acts like AKON & more. An alpha female who can usually be found in the studios hanging out with Timbaland or P Diddy, she also loves stealing the spotlight at private celebrity events while stirring up wild drama in all directions.

Apparently they have just wrapped up filming here in Vancouver and the show will be airing on August 12th. Keep it locked to MTV to find out more!

Can’t wait for the show to start and wanna learn more about them? Follow them on twitter @esolomonmusic @Rosetteluve @TitoDevilleBand

Lets hope these three really rep it for Vancouver!!!

N.E.R.D feat. Nelly Furtado

13 Jul

SOO stoked to hear something new come from Nelly Furtado. I have been loving her Spanish record Mi Plan and cannot wait for more NEW MUSIC! Here is her latest collaboration with N.E.R.D “Hot n Fun”

What do you think?


9 Jul

The moment summer comes along there are so many things to get excited for here in Vancouver.
The free outdoor movies is definitely one of those things.

The next one is taking place Wednesday July 14th around 9pm at Ceperley Fields in Stanley Park near second beach!
They are showing the AMAZING CLASSIC the Goonies!!!!

Remember to check out these dates as well:
July 22nd, 2010: Monsters vs Aliens
July 29th, 2010: The Karate Kid

Also, there will be another great 80’s classic coming to Yaletown on August 8th. Get all the info HERE

Visit for more details!