Diamonds in the rough dancing their way on to MTV

18 Jun

One of the hottest all female dance crews in Vancouver, Diamonds in the Rough, have put out a video pitch of their proposed show “The Diamond Life” to MTV and have posted it up on You Tube. These girls are SICK I don’t know if you have seen them perform around town, but they are definitely the hottest dancers in the city and among some of the best in Canada. The crew is made up of Natasha Gorrie, Darylle Johnson, Carlena Britch, Teya Wild, Jane Marlinga, Darylle Johnson, Carmen De Los Santos, Mae Calinisan, Lisa Metz, Devyn Dalton, and Eileen Flormata.

In order for them to reach MTV they need as many You Tube hits as possible and need to show MTV that they have what it takes to get the ratings in. I know for sure that I would watch. I am already a huge fan of these girls and would love to tune in each week to watch!

Take a look at the video:

Check out this interview with the girls from to learn more:

KEEP WATCHING AND SPREAD THE WORD! They are amazing! Watch for yourself!

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