First Aid Kit at the Media Club- June 6th

10 Jun

A little late posting this but I just had to get it up. What an amazing show. If you weren’t there make sure you get to the next one.

When I arrived to the Media Club I was SO excited to see the amazingly talented sisters from Sweden, First Aid Kit. Having watched numerous You Tube videos and listened to the CD a thousand times. I knew I was about to be blown away.  When I got there there weren’t many people there which meant I was guaranteed to be front row. People started sitting on the ground of the venue which I thought was pretty cool. It felt like we were in someone’s basement and a friend’s band was about to play.Starting off with the first song off their latest album, The Big Black and the Blue “In the Morning” I was in awe the whole time. I was right up front as their perfect voices took me to another place! It was amazing!

I took this video on my iphone so it’s not the best, but I LOVE this cover of the Fleet Foxes “peasant song”.


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